On my cereal box, I once found a very inspiring quote from Confucius who said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I guess finding the right job will be definitory for your future life, especially if you want to have a happy and fulfilled one.

But how do you find the thing that you’re good at and also gives you pleasure? Most people go to college, follow Masters’ programs and, after a lifetime of studies, are still not sure what to do. Others are luckier and find the right path in life from the beginning, sparing years of useless studying and things they’ll never use.

Although most of us love animals, not many would consider making a true job out of this. We all had pets or still live with some, but how many of us did we really consider pursuing a career in looking after pets? If you think this is your one true call, here are some suggestions I reckon are great as a starter.

Dog Walker

You may not earn a fortune, but this will certainly test your limits and make you truly bond with dogs from all kinds of environments. Consider this your entry-level job if you want to pursue a career in helping animals and not just keep them in Gerbil cages.

The good part is that you won’t require any special skills, diplomas or degrees and you can earn an extra buck while paying for school or trying to figure out your next move. The downside is that you’ll probably need another job to deal with daily bills and the costs of living a decent human life.


The most obvious choice for many who love animals is becoming a veterinarian. And even though plenty of kids dream about doing that when they grow up, just a few actually manage to graduate the university and practice as veterinarians. It takes a lot of years to study and even more years to practice until having a steady hand.

The perks of the job are countless and you’ll be able to put a smile not only on an animal’s face, but also on their owners’. The downside is the cost of the university, not to mention the additional costs of tools, books, practice, and more.

Marine biologist

If you love the sea and everything related to it, then you should consider becoming a marine biologist. It takes a certain school and great diving skills, but you get to see the most beautiful fish in the world and interact with dolphins, whales, and even studying their behavior. It is a great opportunity to indulge in your passion for exploring wildlife while still adding a contribution and fighting against excessive water pollution and hunting endangered species.